Equestrian Shop EPoS Systems from Intelligent Retail

If you run an equestrian shop then it's time to ditch that old Electronic Point of Sale system and get an EPoS system from Intelligent Retail!

Made for super easy trading across multiple channels, the Intelligent Retail Connect system is tied into major equestrian suppliers like Trilanco, so populating product data is super easy!

Easy Multichannel Selling

Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS systems are made for multichannel selling! Designed from the ground up to be quick and easy for multichannel, Connect allows selling via auction and aggregator sites like Ebay and Amazon as well as Google Products and any other online channel including as many eCommerce websites as you care to connect to the system. This means you set up products once in the Connect back office system then sell where you want, when you want with easy 'drag and drop' functionality, making selling a breeze.

Because the Connect system is based around a central stock control system, all sales come back to the shop till interface, which shows where sales are coming from and at which stage of the 'pick, pack and dispatch' process orders are at. This means there is never any confusion where your sales are coming from or what is happening with your products, saving huge amounts of admin time!

All stock is taken from the central stock tree, so there is no chance of overselling, a major improvement over having to deal with Ebay, Amazon and eCommerce admin systems, where manual stock taking would be required.

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